Seniors Meet Seniors

Let’s face it, the older we get, the smaller our group of friends seems to get. Your favorite neighbors move; your kids and their kids grow up and move on. Our social circle often intersects with our work circle, so much so that we develop lifelong friendships and sometimes even find romance in the office. You spend at least eight hours a day with these people, so naturally, you develop relationships. 

So, what happens when you retire or switch to remote work? Suddenly your clutch of trusty confidants seems to shrink, and you have more uninterrupted time. That’s good in a way because generally, people are more productive when they have fewer distractions. The other side of that coin, unfortunately, is loneliness and a growing desire to connect more deeply with a few like-minded people. Here are a few things you can try first in your community:

  • Volunteer for causes you believe in, and you’ll undoubtedly bump into someone who cares about the same things you do. 
  • Join a club based on common interests like knitting, reading, or travel. Get out and join a cooking class or a running club that will motivate you to train for your first big race. 
  • Plant flowers in that void between the sidewalk and the road, grow food and share it with your neighbors.  
  • Mentor. Teach someone how to read or how to use a computer. Helping others become better versions of themselves is one of the greatest gifts you can give.

You don’t live to be over 50 without becoming an expert at something, so share your knowledge and skills freely with others who can benefit from your experience. 

Senior Friendship Sites

And of course, there’s the Internet, but where in the world do you start? It depends on what you’re looking for. Over 70% of adults over 50 use social media to stay connected to friends and family.  

Keep engaged and active with your friends without ever having to leave your home. Popular sites allow you to create free personal profiles, connect with friends and family members of all ages, join groups of like-minded people, and engage in other social activities for seniors near you. A study in The Journals of Gerontology found that adults over 80 who use technology to stay in touch experienced better mental well-being than their counterparts who didn’t. 

Here are some of the more popular sites worth checking out:

Facebook: Facebook is still the largest social media platform, with nearly 3B users a month. That’s right, three BILLION a month! Share photos, videos, live chat, play games, or join alumni or one of many senior-focused groups. 

  • Meetup: A social media site that helps people find groups and events that take place offline in a city near them.
  • Stitch: A social networking site for people over 50. 

  • Buzz50: Social networking for those over 50, with over 50 forums and 50 chat rooms, seniors will undoubtedly find a topic and group that will fit them perfectly.

  • LinkedIn: Even if you’re retired, LinkedIn can be a great place to meet people and reconnect with old colleagues. Though it’s most commonly thought of as a business networking site, LinkedIn can be a great place to share your expertise or keep learning.

Online Dating Groups for Seniors

Being alone is not for everyone, so plenty of trusted dating sites are built specifically for seniors. The desire for companionship certainly doesn’t wane as you age, and there are plenty of dating websites that specialize in helping those over 50 connect with other mature single people. Each site offers free memberships, but you typically have to sign up for a paid account to take full advantage of all available features.

Here are a few options worth checking out:

OurTime: Meet people who love to do the same things you do.

50plus-Club: Dating and friendship for those over 50.

SeniorMatch: A site dedicated to helping mature members interested in meeting others online.

Zoosk: Behavioral matchmaking for singles of any age.

Silver Singles: Matchmaking, for those over 50, that works.

Senior Support Groups

Chronic Condition/Illness Support Groups: According to the National Council on Aging, roughly 80 percent of seniors have at least one chronic condition, a figure that only increases with age. Living with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or a mental health condition can take a serious toll on your overall wellness. Most recently offered directly online, support groups specific to chronic illnesses or conditions typically provide emotional support, pain and symptom management tips, and up-to-date information on the latest treatment options. 

Grief Support Groups: Adjusting to life without a spouse or other loved one can be complex for anyone, but particularly difficult for seniors. Senior centers, churches, hospitals, and clinics provide access to support groups for seniors facing loss. After all, no one understands your pain like someone who is experiencing a similar circumstance.

Dementia-Related Support Groups: Recently diagnosed seniors and their caregivers will undoubtedly have several questions, especially in the early stages of the disease. Support groups may be able to help adults with dementia and those caring for them by: 

  • Getting help dealing with the emotions that go along with a dementia diagnosis
  • Providing access to credible new research
  • Offering recommendations for activities or therapies that could slow dementia progression

The Alzheimer’s Association website can help you access local support groups for seniors living with dementia and their caregivers. 

Addiction Recovery Support Groups: Support groups can help recovering seniors remain focused when moving forward after addiction treatment. Folks who have been through it can recommend activities and techniques to stay relaxed and focused on recovery. Now you can access most meetings online.

Lifestyle change support groups: Start exercising, change your eating habits, or quit smoking. (For good this time.) Finding other seniors facing the same challenges can help keep you motivated and on track to achieve personal goals.

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